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Meade Autostar Suite

Autostar Suite Software is your complete digital astronomy solution for your Meade telescope! Now take advantage of these powerful features of Autostar Suite with your Autostar-equipped Meade telescope:
  • Select objects from the planetarium display and have your telescope automatically slew to those objects.
  • Control all Autostar functions from your PC.
  • Talking Telescope software translates Autostar text to synthesized speech through your PC speaker.
  • Remote telescope control over the Internet.
  • Includes the Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI) that will allow you to achieve great results the first time on the Moon, planets, brighter deep-sky objects, and terrestrial targets.
  • Point and click the planetarium display to create custom tours of the objects of your choice with your custom text that can be uploaded into the Autostar controller.

Autostar Suite
Autostar Suites Custom Catalogs There are over 19 million objects to choose from in the Autostar Suite's catalogs. Here are some of the tools and features that control the star map display:
  • Enable or disable the Hubble Guide Star Catalog.
  • Set the Viewpoint to go to the current zenith or any R.A. and Dec. coordinate.
  • Choose any object by catalog name or number.
  • Enable or disable custom catalogs. You can also add new catalogs.
  • Set Magnitude Limits.
  • Flip the star map for correct orientation as you observe it through the telescope.
  • Zoom the star map display from 180°, down to tiny fractions of an arc second.
  • Adjust label fonts and colors, coordinate grid colors, and brightness and contrast.
  • Enable or disable night vision mode.

There are several tools for PC control of your Autostar-equipped telescope with the Autostar Suite. You can click on an object on the star map display and can click "Slew Telescope" to center the telescope over that region, or you can use the AutoStar Control Panel. This is a new software tool from Meade that allows full control over the Autostar keypad from your PC, with these features:
  • A menu tree shows all Autostar menu items and functions. By clicking on the menu items, you activate that that menu item or function.
  • The selected item displays in text above the control buttons.
  • After clicking the checkbox for enabling speech. Any item that appears in text is audibly described through your PC's speaker system.
With the Autostar Control Panel You Have Complete Control Over Your Telescope!
Observatory Dome Controls In Autostar Suite Designed to be the ultimate platform for remote digital astronomy with your Meade LX200GPS, Autostar Suite contains tools for dome controls, weather sensors, and other functions required for this purpose.

Connecting to the telescope and dome can be done with a single network connection. You can then communicate via an IP address, using AutoStar Net Scope to control the entire observatory over the Internet! This solves the biggest problem in setting up for remote access to your telescope, and that is the problem of distance from the scope itself. You can be in your living room to control the scope in your backyard, or just as easily, control a friend's system in another country!

In addition to these functions, Autostar Suite offers still more, like building custom tours for the Autostar Controller, keeping observing logs, camera controls for the LPI and Meade's Pictor CCD systems for imaging and autoguiding, and image processing with a blink comparitor to aid in discovery work. And to keep your Autostar current, Autostar Update will upload the latest comets, minor planets, satellites, tours, and firmware over the Internet.

Autostar Suite offers everything you need to get started:
  • Autostar Suite Software on CD ROM
  • LPI Camera
  • USB Cable
  • LX200 Serial Cable
  • #497 Autostar Serial Cable
  • DB-9 to RJ-11 Adapter (for PC serial connection)
  • Parfocal Ring
  • Installation and Operating Instructions

*Recommended Minimum System For Installing Autostar Suite:
PC running Windows 98SE with 64 MB and 200 MB free disk space.

Autostar Update Is Your Link To The Latest The Universe Has To Offer!

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