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Meade Autostar Suite Troubleshooting Guide

To fix the tour generating and object selection of custom catalogs,
* Download the Autostar Suite Update [here]
* Download the New QuickStart Guide with serial cable instructions [here]

  1. If installation never completes:
    When installing, a dialog box can get hidden, check the taskbar at the bottom of the screen for a flashing box, click on it to reveal the dialog box.

  2. If everything is installed but the LPI reports "Meade LPI not found": Check the system Device Manager under Imaging devices for Meade LPI. If it is not there, then check the cable to the camera, if that's OK then reinstall Autostar suite. If Meade LPI is in Imaging devices then go to Microsoft Update site at and install the latest DirectX. After clicking "scan for updates" click on Windows on the left side and then Direct X under "Recommended updates"

  3. If the Remote Handbox doesn't show the menu tree but the arrow keys work:
    You need to update Autostar with the latest firmware. Use the updater and upgrade the firmware to the version included in the disk. It will be in the local section when you press "Upgrade Autostar Software Now" button. The versions are 30Eb for the 497 and 1.7h for the Autostar II

  4. If the new autostar version does not show up in ASU:

    There are 3 solutions.

    1. Update from the web from ASU.
    2. Uninstall old ASU (be sure ASU is not running)
    3. copy BuildX1.7h.rom and Build30Eb.rom from "Program Files\Meade\AutostarSuite\Updater\Ephemerides" to "Program\Files\Meade\ASU\Ephemerides"

  5. If you get the error "Missing DLL.file.MSCOREE.DLL" when trying to run the LPI imaging software it means that .NET did not install properly. Re-install Autostar Suite and be sure to answer yes to install .NET or go to and after clicking "scan for updates" click on Windows XX on the left side and then .NET under "Recommended updates"

  6. If the LPI imaging software stops responding and the light is out on the back of the LPI, this may be an indication of an intermittent USB connection. Shut down the LPI software by using Task Manager. To do this, press Ctrl+Alt+Del the select "Meade LPI" under applications and click End Task. When the application is gone, unplug the LPI and wait about 10 seconds then plug it in again. The red light should come back on. Now re-start the LPI imaging software.

  7. This applies to all programs built for Windows 95 and higher:
    When installing one of our programs, you may get the error message:

    Unhandled Exception

    Error: 0x80070725 Description: Incompatible version of the RPC stub.

    Setup will now terminate.

    This error is caused by a bad version of the file oleaut32.dll on your system, which usually resides in the system folder.

    This is a known Windows flaw acknowledged by Microsoft. To fix this issue, please refer to the following Microsoft Support Knowledgebase article for troubleshooting: here
To report any comments, suggestions, or problems please email us at
Please put Autostar Suite in the subject line of your e-mail and keep the content specific to reporting any bugs within the software. You will not receive a reply to your e-mail.
Any changes to the software will be posted on this page.

    For problems, please include the following information

    1. Computer Speed (333 Mhz Min)
    2. Processor type (PentiumII Min)
    3. Memory RAM (64Meg Min)
    4. Operating System (Win3.1, Win95, Win NT All will not work)
    5. USB port (1.1 Min)

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