CaptureView CV-1 8x22 VGA FAQ

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CaptureView 8x22 VGA
What can I view with my CaptureView Binoculars?
A: Use your CaptureView Binoculars for Sporting Events, Bird-watching, Public Events, viewing wildlife. Anything you would use a standard pair of binoculars for, the CaptureView will see and give you the added advantage of capturing the image.

These cameras have a Video Mode. How long can the videos be?
A: In Video Mode the CaptureView 8x22 Digital Camera Binocular will take movies (AVI Format) of up to 200 seconds in length. Use this mode to capture not just a moment, but the mood and feeling of an event.

How many images will it hold?
A: The Meade CaptureView 8x22 Digital Camera Binocular willl hold up to 360, 640x480 (VGA) pictures.

Will the CaptureView work in low light? Can I use it in a concert hall or indoor sporting event?
This new model of CaptureView comes with a high sensitivity Micron® sensor. This sensor is very sensitive to light and is perfect for low light conditions. You can take picture at dusk or at a nighttime sporting event. Take photo's at any indoor venue such as concerts, plays, or events in an auditorium.

Can I use other programs to manipulate my images? Can I use them to download images from my Camera?
A: You can use your other photo imaging programs to manipulate your images. The CaptureView binoculars will have no trouble downloading images to other software.

How do I focus the Camera?
A: The camera is always in Focus from 49 feet to infinity. If you take pictures of objects closer than 49 feet they may appear fuzzy or blurry. When looking through the binoculars you will need to focus them for your eyes, but the camera will always be in focus.


My computer doesn't see the camera. What do I do?
A: Look for the CaptureView Binocular Camera in Windows Explorer. The Camera should be listed as "Removable Disk" or "Binocular". You can browse the camera's memory as if it were a hard drive. You may now copy images or files from the camera's memory to your PC just as you would with any external hard drive or flash memory.

If the CaptureView Binocular Camera is not visible in Windows Explorer, try changing USB ports. Make sure to use a USB port directly on the computer, not a shared port or USB hub.

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