Mexico Manufacturing Facility
Meade moved its Irvine based manufacturing to a brand new factory just over the border in Mexico in early 2008. The new factory has over twice the space for production than our Irvine operation with over 70,000 square feet devoted to building
products like the LX200-ACF, the LX90-ACF, Coronado and more. This factory is wholly owned and operated by Meade.

Many of our highly trained technicians along with Meade managers have been traveling to Mexico daily to assure that the local staff is fully trained and capable of producing and improving the products produced there. Key Meade managers are now based in this factory. Meade has hired and trained a highly qualifi ed work force and has put in place more stringent QC procedures to insure the highest quality standards.
70,000 square feet of modern, efficient production space.


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