Meade LX80 Series

The LX80 brings together an astonishing array of technological and mechanical achievements that provide the kind of innovation and quality that only Meade can deliver.

Vixen-style dovetail OTA mounting. The die-cast aluminum, industry-standard dovetail provides compatibility with most OTAs.

Heavy-duty mount. Rock-solid, stable platform with precision worm gear drives on both axes for both visual and astrophotographic requirements.

Sectional counterweight shaft. Allows for selecting the ideal shaft length for counterbalancing or dual-tube configurations.

Multi-mount adjustment. Quickly change between alt-az mode and German Equatorial mode.

Control panel. Includes power connector, handbox port and two auxiliary ports for connecting optional equipment.

Audiostar™ computer-control handbox. Meade’s revolutionary AudioStar computer controller finds and points your telescope to over 30,000 objects in the night sky. With its Astronomer Inside™ digital audio technology, everyone around the telescope can listen and learn about the 500-plus celestial objects contained in its database, including planets, nebulae, star clusters, the Moon and much more.

Fine-tune tripod adjusters. Quickly and easily level your tripod for optimum pointing accuracy.

Stainless-steel tripod legs.Two inch diameter legs provide a stable foundation.


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