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Autostar Computer Controller Instruction Manual
 Appendix B: Autostar Connector Cable Schematic
[ toc ] The following information is for those with familiarity in attaching modular plug hardware to 4-wire telephone line cable. The optional #505 Connector Cable Set is available for the Autostar and requires no assembly.

The RS-232 connector jack on the base of the Autostar hand controller is a 4-pin handset modular jack. A 4-wire telephone cable (of any length up to 100') connects to a 4-pin handset modular plug. The other end of the 4-wire telephone cable connects to a 6-pin modular plug. Note that pins 1 and 6 are not used. The 6-pin modular plug is inserted to either a 9-pin or 25-pin to 6-pin modular adapter (depending on the computer's serial port). Illustrations of the modular plugs and a pin-out table follows:

4-Pin Handset Modular Plug
6-Pin Modular Plug
Pin 6: Not Used
Pin 1: Autostar Receive Pin 5: Computer Transmit
Pin 2: Autostar Transmit Pin 4: Computer Receive
Pin 3: No Connect Pin 3: No Connect
Pin 4: Ground Pin 2: Ground
Pin 1: Not Used

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