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Autostar Computer Controller Instruction Manual

Fig. 1: Autostar Computer Controller.
  1. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screen (2-lines, 16 characters each line)
  2. ENTER Key
  3. MODE Key
  4. GO TO Key
  5. Arrow Keys (Up, Down, Left, and Right)
  6. Number Keys (0 through 9)
  7. Utility Light Key ("0" Number Key)
  8. Scroll Up Key
  9. Scroll Down Key
  10. Help ("?") Key
  11. Coil Cord Connector Port
  12. RS-232 Connector Port
  13. Coil Cord (to Telescope Computer Control Panel)
  14. Utility Light
WARNING: Never use Autostar to move a telescope to look at the Sun! Looking at or near the Sun will cause instant and irreversible damage to your eye. Eye damage is often painless, so there is no warning to the observer that damage has occurred until it is too late. Do not point a telescope or its viewfinder at or near the Sun. Do not look through a telescope or its viewfinder as it is moving. Children should always have adult supervision while observing.

Remove the ETX-90EC from its packaging and place it on a sturdy surface. Place the eyepiece (A) and viewfinder (B) into their appropriate positions on the telescope and tighten the appropriate attachment screws to a firm feel only.

Tighten the telescope's vertical and horizontal locks (see the telescope's instruction manual).

Verify that the telescope's computer control panel power switch is in the OFF position.

Plug the coil cord into the port at the base of Autostar (B) and into the computer control panel HBX port.

Flip the computer control panel power switch to ON (A).

Plug the power cord into the 12v connector (B).

NOTE: Autostar must complete a basic initialization before the arrow keys and other Autostar functions become active.

Most functions of Autostar are easy to accomplish by following the messages that appear on the display screen.

Press the appropriate key for the desired language. A warning not to look at the Sun then scrolls across the screen. Press the required key to continue.

The screen briefly displays Testing Motors. The telescope moves a short distance vertically and horizontally.

Use the arrow keys to slew (move) the telescope up, down, left, and right.
Sight along the side of the telescope's main tube to locate an object. Practice using the Autostar arrow keys to center an object in the telescope's field of view. Use the telescope's focus knob to bring the object into focus.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

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